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Adventures in Mindfulness

Katie Estes is a freelance designer, art director, photographer and stylist. She sometimes writes too. 


Katie Estes

As a fan of changes and honesty, I'll come out with it: I dog sit in New York City. So why does the rest of your website have samples of your work? Because I have an MFA and I sometimes design while doing it. Before you go ask SVA when they'll be adding this to their always changing majors, it's just how things worked out. Or didn't. There's always that line of thinking but I prefer the positive.

Dog and Gun? Shouldn't this be subtitled Dogsitting in Bozeman? Maybe. I'd do that too. The gun implies my resistance much of the time to healing; the nasty parts that are sometimes left out when describing the wonders of bettering yourself. It's also a reminder that the story you make up about someone else, or a situation different from your own, is absolutely better than it is. Everyone struggles, even if you try to barricade yourself against the world with four legged fuzzies.

Which brings me to the very point of why do this in the first place? You're 32, fill that womb!! Stay in one place for a year! Have a job with a title that easily provides identification of your worth! Please! As indicated in the image and practically everywhere else in my life, I lost my Patty this past spring. She was like a coat in the winter or sunglasses in the summer. Second nature to put them on. I learned to make all my decisions wearing my winter coat and sunglasses. She was my bud, easily the one I spent most of my time with. How many of your friends sit on your bathmat while taking a shower?

When she left, my apartment reeked of old memories. I couldn't bear it. I left, sought guidance of the wilderness and all the healers I have massed over the years. Repeatedly in readings, they would tell me, without me asking, that my dog was there looking out for me, and I would wail and weep all over again. After a few months I was ready to meet new dogs and it just so happens that is exactly how it worked out. Pillow Patty faces my bed as I sleep and her and her collar accompany me on trips. Her bed serves as a guest bed that all the dogs choose over their own beds. Living Patty wasn't so fond of any other animal and I find it endearing that Spirit Patty is so accommodating. 

Such is the path to walking all the dogs in New York City and beyond, and learning what they have to teach me. 

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